Instagram Reels | Marketing Guide | How To Create Videos | Digital Agency | Mighty Roar

4 min read

A Guide To Using Instagram Reels In Your Marketing

To make a case for why you should consider using Reels in your marketing, it's important to begin with the fact that Facebook tried to acquire Snapchat for $3 billion dollars in 2013. At the time, Snapchat was extremely popular with a younger...

Instagram Hashtags | Social Media Strategy | Digital Agency | Mighty Roar

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How To Use Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram Hashtags may not seem strategic, but they are among the most critical aspects of your Instagram posts when trying to expand your organic...

Marketing In A Downturn | Meet The Moment Strategically | Marketing Budget | Mighty Roar

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Is Your Marketing Meeting The Moment?

It's become a cliche, but yeah, these are unprecedented times. At least politically, economically, socially, and "pandemic-ly," to name a few.

Mighty Roar | Digital Agency | Logo | Atlanta

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Introducing Mighty Roar's New Look

Today we are proud to launch a new logo for Mighty Roar, and wanted to provide context as to why we decided to evolve the look and feel of our brand.

how to measure marketing roi | digital agency | mighty roar

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How to Measure Marketing ROI

The first step to creating effective marketing is to identify what your objectives are. It may seem simple, but as the world becomes more digitally...

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Live-Streaming With Lights, Camera, Live's Stephanie Liu

Lately, you've probably noticed a significant increase in people "going live" across all social channels due to COVID-19. And while live-streaming is...

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How To Spy On Your Competitors' Social Campaigns

You may remember how Facebook, in particular, got in trouble a few years ago for not being fully transparent about who was actually behind some of...

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Digital Marketing RFP: Ultimate Guide to Selecting A Great Agency

The process of putting together a request for proposal (RFP) can be painful and risky. Whether you're a midsize company searching for your first...

What is native advertising | Marketing | Digital Agency | Mighty Roar

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What Is Native Advertising?

The term native advertising was first coined in 2011, but the practice creating ads that fit seamlessly within the context of the channel in which...