4 min read

The 7 Best Tips for Creatives to Follow When Starting a Project

I recently mentored a graphic design student on her project for AIGA Orlando's Spot Showcasementorship program. I found myself providing guidance...

Agency team celebrating an award win with the client

5 min read

How to Create a Winning Marketing Award Entry

The CUNA (now America's Credit Unions) Diamond Awards are over, and as a judge, it was fun to see all of the marketing work and results from Credit...

5 min read

When to Reposition Your Brand

Your brand position, at its core, is a statement reflecting the perception your desired target audience holds to represent your values, offerings,...

4 min read

When to Pair a Tagline with Your Logo

Your logo is the visual essence of your brand. It's often the first thing your customers see and can significantly shape their perception of your...

5 min read

7 Resort Photography Tips to Drive Bookings

When it comes to hotel marketing, showcasing your property is of utmost importance. Prospective guests not only need to get a sense for the type of...

4 min read

Fall Marketing That Makes a Cozy Connection

As leaves start their annual fashion show and the air turns crisp like a perfectly baked apple crumble, businesses have a once-in-a-year chance to...

creative portfolio tips to help you stand out when applying to digital agencies | mighty roar

3 min read

5 Creative Portfolio Tips to Help You Stand Out

Recently, I was invited back to participate in the creative portfolio review at the annual Adobe Creative Jam. The focus of the portfolios varied...

3 min read

Emotional Advertising: Standing out in a Sea of Sameness

Think of an ad that has stuck with you and quickly jumps to the top of your mind. It could be an old ad or one you saw this week. What was it about...