Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith has over 19 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. Kevin is a strategic and detail-oriented leader focused on collaboration with clients and internal teams. He has a degree in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations from Emerson College and an MBA with dual concentrations in Strategy & Analytics and Marketing from Boston University.

How to Maintain SEO Traffic with a New Website | Digital Agency | Mighty Roar

4 min read

How to Maintain SEO Traffic with a New Website

The decision to update your website is a big one, but in today’s digitally focused world, having an outdated website can negatively impact your business. Your organization may decide your current site no longer reflects the brand, your target...

challenger brand marketing | digital agency | mighty roar

3 min read

Challenger Brand Marketing

There used to be a saying that “nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM,” which meant that, groupthink, or doing the same thing your competitors were...

3 min read

Researching Next Steps After Watching Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl is over and whether you were happy with the outcome probably hinged on if you’re a Patriots or Rams fan, your feelings about Maroon 5,...

How to Calculate Customer Churn Rate | Digital Agency | Mighty Roar

2 min read

How to Calculate Customer Churn Rate

In marketing, we spend a lot of time trying to attract new customers, but it’s also important to know how many customers you may be losing. So, in...

1 min read

Introduction to Mighty Roar Podcast

In the course of running an advertising agency, we have so many great conversations with other agency owners, chief marketing officers, and marketing...

how to calculate the profit from your marketing promotions | digital agency | mighty roar

2 min read

How to Calculate the Profit from Your Promotions

In this post, we're gonna look at promotion profit. Many of our clients run promotions throughout the year that jumpstart sales during key periods.

4 min read

Why Brand Marketing Is Important

The word brand is often misused in marketing. The confusion is likely tied to the fact that most “brands” didn’t start out thinking of themselves as...

4 min read

How to Build a Go To Market Strategy

An effective go-to-market (GTM) strategy should be a subset of your overarching marketing plan. Your Go-To-Market strategy will cover some of the...

Why PPC, SEO, and Content Strategy Must Work Together | Digital Agency | Mighty Roar

6 min read

Why PPC, SEO, and Content Strategy Must Work Together

It's common to see PPC, SEO, and Content Strategy as different projects. In fact, you most likely have different people running each internally or...