Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith has over 19 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. Kevin is a strategic and detail-oriented leader focused on collaboration with clients and internal teams. He has a degree in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations from Emerson College and an MBA with dual concentrations in Strategy & Analytics and Marketing from Boston University.

End Of Third Party Cookies | Tracking Cookies | Ad Cookies | Digital Agency | Mighty Roar

3 min read

The End of Third-Party Cookies & What To Focus On Now

In January 2020, Google announced what many saw as the death of third-party cookies. Namely, that Google would stop supporting them within their Chrome browser by 2022. While Apple's Safari browser has already done this, the Google Chrome...

Apple Email Privacy Protection | Hide My Email | Email Marketing | Digital Agency | Mighty Roar

4 min read

iOS 15 Changes How Email Is Tracked - Here's How To Adapt

Just when marketers were getting used to the new reality of Apple’s privacy protections and their impact on Facebook and Instagram advertising, here...

3 min read

Instagram Is “No Longer A Photo-sharing App”

In a video posted to his personal account, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, outlined their four priorities for the second half of this fiscal...

iOS 14 Privacy Update | Digital Marketing Agency | Mighty Roar | Atlanta Georgia

3 min read

The Impact of iOS 14 On Your Digital Marketing

With the release of iOS 14, Apple tightened its privacy practices in a way that will impact a brand's ability to run targeted digital campaigns in...

Mighty Roar | Award-Winning | W3 Award | Telly Award | Atlanta Georgia

1 min read

Mighty Roar Wins w3 Award, Telly, & Top 100 Marketing Agencies Ranking

As we close the books on a bizarre year, we're incredibly grateful for our fantastic team and clients that enabled our success – regardless of what...

Instagram Reels | Marketing Guide | How To Create Videos | Digital Agency | Mighty Roar

4 min read

A Guide To Using Instagram Reels In Your Marketing

To make a case for why you should consider using Reels in your marketing, it's important to begin with the fact that Facebook tried to acquire...

Instagram Hashtags | Social Media Strategy | Digital Agency | Mighty Roar

5 min read

How To Use Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram Hashtags may not seem strategic, but they are among the most critical aspects of your Instagram posts when trying to expand your organic...

Marketing In A Downturn | Meet The Moment Strategically | Marketing Budget | Mighty Roar

4 min read

Is Your Marketing Meeting The Moment?

It's become a cliche, but yeah, these are unprecedented times. At least politically, economically, socially, and "pandemic-ly," to name a few.

how to measure marketing roi | digital agency | mighty roar

3 min read

How to Measure Marketing ROI

The first step to creating effective marketing is to identify what your objectives are. It may seem simple, but as the world becomes more digitally...