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Introducing Mighty Roar's New Look

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Today we are proud to launch a new logo for Mighty Roar, and wanted to provide context as to why we decided to evolve the look and feel of our brand.


Our initial wordmark was simple and modern, but it was time for something that better highlighted our positioning and what we can bring to client relationships.

We applied the same brand identity process to ourselves as we do for our clients, including:

  • Stakeholder gut check - Each stakeholder fills out a logo questionnaire to establish a sense of how each person feels about the current logo, competitor logos, and what they believe the new logo should convey. In our case, we were all pretty aligned, which made it easy to move forward with the logo design brief.
  • Competitor logos - We pull competitor logos from the industry. We observe the good, the bad, and the ugly: colors, fonts, symbols, what works, what doesn't. This analysis helps us differentiate our logo from the competition while also taking inspiration from what works for them.
  • Design trends - We review design trends from the last couple of years and note what looks outdated, what looks current, and what is just trendy for the sake of being trendy. There's nothing wrong with following a design trend as long as it works for your brand and doesn't feel forced.
  • What the brand stands for - This may evolve from the creation of the existing logo, so it's always good to take a step back and redefine that in a few words. From there, we can brainstorm what symbols, shapes, fonts, and colors will help convey those ideas.

Mighty Roar LogoThe logo itself is bold, easy to read, and fulfills associations with our name.

Dynamic, wave-inspired lines represent how we amplify our clients' voices in a crowded space.

The orange "M" brings to mind the "M" of Mighty Roar, and the intertwined lines represent our symbiotic approach to strategy and creative. The resulting crown shape, formed by the lines, illustrates how we assist clients in coming out on top as victors, even against formidable competitors.

We decided to keep orange in our logo, as we felt it is still a strong part of our identity. Orange is hard to ignore and signifies energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and endurance. It’s also a color that stands out against our competitors. We adjusted the orange hue a bit and added a dark navy to our palette for a more grounded contrast. In addition, we incorporated a subtle gradient to the logo mark to help define the wave-inspired shape.

We are excited about the new Mighty Roar logo because we believe it captures the spirit of our partnerships with clients over the years—and how we will meet their needs into the future!

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