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Ad Math

How to Calculate Customer Churn Rate

In marketing, we spend a lot of time trying to attract new customers, but it’s also important to...

How to Calculate the Profit from Your Promotions

In this post, we're gonna look at promotion profit. Many of our clients run promotions...

How to Calculate Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

In this Ad Math video, we discuss how to calculate your Net Promoter Score.

How to Calculate Your Value to Volume Ratio

In this video, we'll look at Value to Volume Ratios (VVR), which can help determine how efficient

How to Calculate Marketing Cost Per Unit (MCPU)

When you don't have deep pockets, every dollar in your marketing budget counts and you need to...

Calculate The Value of Your Email Subscribers

Email has been around a long time, but for many people, there is still a great deal of...

Frequency in Marketing and Media

In our last video, we discussed reach, so it only makes sense that this week we tackle frequency.

Reach in Marketing and Media

Reach is the number or percentage of people in your target audience reached by a single exposure...

How to Calculate Response Rate

One of the best things about direct marketing – such as digital marketing, email, or direct mail...