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Snapchat for B2C Marketing

Snapchat in B2C Marketing | Digital Agency | Social Media | Mighty Roar

It wouldn't be at all surprising if you were suffering social network fatigue. They seem to come out at a rate of one or two a week, and it's impossible to tell which ones are essential and which are not going to benefit your brand. So, if you've let SnapChat pass you by so far, that's completely understandable. However, there is a lot of evidence that this young but thriving network can be a massive boon to those in business-to-consumer businesses. A few reasons to add SnapChat to your list:

SnapChat Is Huge

The network has a jaw-dropping 10 billion views every day. That's more video titan YouTube's eight billion per day. SnapChat also has a massive number of active users, with 150 million people logging on to use the service every day. The app's growth has been rapid, gaining 40 million users between December of 2015 and the middle of this year.

SnapChat Reaches a Highly Desirable Demographic

Millennials and teens just aren't using Facebook as much anymore; to them, it's an invasive and uncool place where the olds hang out. SnapChat is one of a handful of networks where they have flocked instead. Sixty percent of SnapChat users are under 25, and 37 percent fall into the 18 to 24 age group. Another 26 percent of users are between 25 and 34. Millennials make up the largest demographic cohort now, so even if your product is not specifically aimed at Millennials, this is still a place to reach a massive potential customer base.

SnapChat Is Brand-Friendly

With the addition of features like Discover and SnapChat Stories, it is easier than ever to reach potential customers. You can create a profile for your brand to gain organic exposure. Or, you can choose from a number of innovative advertising products, such as Snaps, their 10-second vertical video ads or Sponsored Lenses, which allow you to interact with your prospects in a playful way. Geographic filtering is offered, allowing you to show your stories and ads to precisely the people you want.

SnapChat Humanizes Your Brand

Advertising on SnapChat is not invasive in the way that ads on other networks can be. The platform invites you to interact with your prospects in a friendly and relatable way. Whether you are DIYing your promotion there or partnering with their talented in-house designers, you get the chance to present your brand in a way that feels authentic and inviting.

Like any social network, SnapChat has a bit of a learning curve. The interface is simple to a fault, which can be a big change for someone who is more used to dressing up profiles or writing compelling brand bios. However, once you are on the network, it's easy to start designing inviting videos, photos, and stories and interact with the people who are interested in your brand. Take the time to learn what SnapChat has to offer, and you will get access to highly desirable demographics and the chance to connect with them where they spend their time online.

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