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Marketing to Mobile Shoppers

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Traditional retail, and how brands connect with consumers, continues to evolve as studies show a steady increase of mobile shoppers, specifically those who are using their smartphones while shopping inside of brick and mortar retail locations.

These trends are only going to deepen as younger generations continue to take on a greater role as buyers (see our post on 9 tips for marketing to Millennials)


As marketers, our role must be to meet mobile shoppers where they are by making it easy for consumers to interact with brands online - especially by phone. Here are three tips to consider:

  • Mobile shoppers are looking for quick educational information, so your content needs to stand out and work on a 4.5" x 2.5" screen.
  • Keep wifi accessibility in mind. Most retail locations are getting better about wifi access for their customers, but it's still hit or miss trying to get a signal within a big box retail store. Due to this, try and keep your content short and light (no large images or video files).
  • Work digital connection points within your in-store experience. Whether it's on your packaging or in-aisle signage, be prepared to point your prospective customer towards additional tools and information that will help them make their purchase. decision

Mobile shoppers are, by definition, engaged consumers which make them an attractive audience. However, due to this engagement, they are also demanding and have high expectations for your brand experience. The good news is, chances are, meeting these expectations in your approach to marketing will be worth it for you as the more channels customers use, the more valuable they are to your brand.

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