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20 of the Best Marketing Blogs

20 of the Best Marketing Blogs

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving and it can sometimes feel overwhelming to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends. To help, we've pulled together a list of 20 of the best digital marketing blogs that you should be reading in order know what's what in the world of digital marketing and advertising.

Best Digital Marketing Blogs

  • Seth Godin: The blog of the best-selling author of Purple Cow, Linchpin, and others.
  • Mailchimp: One of our favorite email service providers also has one of our favorite blogs about email marketing.
  • KISSmetrics: A blog about customer intelligence and web analytics.
  • Optimizely: Their best advice on A/B Testing and Experience Optimization.
  • Digiday: Great site for news and current events - check out their "confessions" series too.
  • Econsultancy: Market research, guides, and training on digital marketing.

Best Social Media Blogs

  • Social Media Examiner: The latest happening within social and great advice for what to do about it.
  • Social Media Today: Another site to stay up to date with the latest as it happens.
  • Buffer Social: Insights, trends, and how-to content.
  • Mashable: An oldie but goodie, Mashable has continued to stay at the top of many 'blogs to follow' lists.
  • Simply Measured: Their social analytics blog provides the latest news, tactics, analyses, and strategies.

Best Content & SEO Blogs

  • Copyblogger: Teaching people how to create better online content since 2006.
  • Contently: A technology company that connects brands to content creators; their blog offers a ton of useful tactics and tips.
  • The Content Marketing Institute: Full of practical, how-to guidance, as well as insight and advice from experts and members of their active community.
  • Search Engine Journal: SEO and content tactics and how-to articles.
  • MOZ: A favorite of the Mighty Roar team, MOZ provides excellent SEO content and tactics.
  • Brand Savant: The blog of Tom Webster, a specialist in consumer behavior.

Fun Blogs

  • This Advertising Life: A Tumblr filled with gifs for every reason, occasion, and emotion that might come up during a day working in marketing.
  • AdWeak: Twitter feed that provides an exaggerated take on some of the typical AdWeek headlines you always see.

Our Blog ?

  • Mighty Roar: You're currently on it, so feel free to poke around. We write about digital marketing, branding, and strategy through a steady stream of tips, best practices, and whitepapers.

So there's our list of the 20 best digital marketing blogs. Did we miss any? Let us know!

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